Australian Shepherd clip art on CD.

Full sized Aussie clipart images for both print and web.  Use on both Windows and Macintosh operating systems.

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Australian Shepherd Art

Australian Shepherd Artwork


Magnets available.

Artwork on Tees & more coming soon


Australian Shepherd

Clip Art on CD

  •  Volume #1 - 594 images in .jpg and .tif format

  •  Volume #2 - 594 additional images in .jpg and .tif format

  •  Collection - Both Volumes 1 & 2 with 1188 .jpg and .tif images (value savings)

  • Sampler - 12 smaller size .jpg images (good solution if you only need a few images)

  • Christmas - 20 .jpg images

Click on individual CDs for specific information and clip art image previews.

Each Clip Art CD collection contains full color images of adults, puppies, standing, moving, playing, holidays, obedience, agility, conformation, scenes that are specific to the breed, etc.  Where applicable, the images are also represented in different allowed colors of the breed. The number of images contained on the CD varies per breed.  The count can be found with the information for the specific CD.

  • Both PC and Mac compatible

  • Files are .jpg, .tif, and/or .gif

  • No program necessary to install.

  • Use the "Import" command to access clip art.

  • Colors may be modified using a paint or graphics program.

  • Make "scenes" by combining clip art graphics.

Images resize easily from very small to very large, still retaining great resolution!  They can also be printed for black and white applications by setting your printer output to grayscale.


In addition to the total number of Clip Art images, the new PC and Mac friendly CDs also include printable thumbnail pages for easier and faster access to the desired images. A Help and Copyright Usage Info page is also included in .jpg form for easy access.

Click on each CD for details and clip art image previews.

Non-commercial clip art (for commercial, see below)

Australian Shepherd Clip Art on CD, Volume 1

Australian Shepherd

Clip Art

Volume 1


Australian Shepherd Clip Art on CD, Volume 2

Australian Shepherd

Clip Art

Volume 2


Australian Shepherd Clip Art Collection

Australian Shepherd

Clip Art Collection

(volumes 1 & 2)






Australian Shepherd Clip Art Sampler CD

Australian Shepherd

Clip Art

Sampler CD


Australian Shepherd Christmas Clip Art

Australian Shepherd

Christmas Clip Art




Copyright Information

This Clip Art is for personal use only. Commercial distribution of the images, either in whole or in part, is prohibited.  This means that you are free to use them, upon purchase, on your web site or to make cards, shirts, etc. for your personal use or as gifts for friends.  They may be modified in your graphics program for your personal use.  They may be used as images in newsletters for clubs, etc.

The images may not be used as part of a commercial endeavor either to decorate images for resale or for mass production.  They may not be used by web designers to include on a client's web page.  They may not be converted to embroidery design or other medium for commercial use.  Mass production or distribution of the images in any way is prohibited, including free or paid distribution of the images.  Distribution includes posting on a public forum which may be interpreted as implied sharing, such as Facebook.

If you have any questions, please feel free to
email me.

 New: Commercially licensed images

Commercial images MAY be used to produce and market products for resale.  Available by digital download only, the image and commercial license will be emailed upon purchase.  Please be sure to choose the file format and include a valid email address with your purchase.  Each image and license is emailed with the specific purchaser's information (name or business name and address) and unique registration code.  Examples of usage would be signage, conversion for embroidery, logo incorporation, and multiple methods of decorating items for sale to the public.  The images may not be resold or shared, either individually or as part of a package, as the license is non-transferable.


Australian Shepherd, moving 2 color design/Commercial license (copyright symbol for preview only - not included with file)

Image size: 8.2" by 5.2"

May be resized or also used as silhouette

File Types



Artwork and content copyright 1990-2015
Reproduction prohibited.  All rights reserved.